We have developed deep, hands-on domain knowledge of cybersecurity and understand the growing challenges and threats in this area from a combined commercial, technology and legal perspective.

Policy preparation

We can help you prepare and adopt appropriate policies and procedures relating to privacy and data protection, or review your existing policies to ensure they are current and reflect the latest privacy legislation and technology trends.

Wargame activities

We also run “war game” activities with different scenarios involving multiple functions in your organisations to help prepare your organisation to manage a cybersecurity breach. For most organisations, it’s, unfortunately, a question of “when” not “if” they will be breached. Preparation of key individuals who will be involved in responding is key to minimise the reputational and operational impact on your organisation.

Ransomware and Cyber attacks

If your organisation has been affected by ransomware or another cybersecurity breach, we can provide support to assist with a multi-disciplined response. We will work with your cross-functional team (management, IT, communications, legal, HR, finance) to assist you in managing and resolving the breach, as well as ongoing investigations which may be required.

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