Mandatory data breach reporting obligations under the Privacy Act’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme recognise that strong data management is integral to the operation of businesses and that people who interact with a business have to trust that their privacy is protected and be confident that personal information will be handled in line with their expectations. In this context, one of the biggest risks organisations face is a data breach. Even organisations with great information security can fall victim to a data breach, due to the rapid evolution of data security threats and the difficulty of removing the risk of human error in large and complex organisations. A data breach involving personal information can cause serious harm to affected individuals, damage a business’ reputation and lead to significant financial costs.


We can help by:

Reviewing and updating your Privacy Policy

Ensuring contracts have privacy clauses to protect your business in the event of a data breach

Prepare Data Breach Response Plan

Assessing whether an eligible data breach has occurred and whether disclosure is required

Reviewing data contracts with offshore service providers

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