Having worked in-house for more than 10 years in several multinational companies with large pharmaceutical and medical device portfolios, there’s not much that we haven’t come across in this sector. This enables us to seamlessly step in and provide support where required. Whether you need help with healthcare professional agreements, review of tender documents and contracts, local and international distribution agreements, clinical trial agreements, supply agreements, agency agreements – the list goes on. When it comes to contracts required for day-to-day operations of a pharmaceutical or medical device company, we are experts in quickly turning them around.

Regulatory Support

Do you need legal support with regulators (TGA, Medsafe, PBAC, Pharmac), do you have issues with a competitor, have you received a code of conduct complaint, do you need support in reviewing promotional material? We’ve done all of this on numerous occasions and are happy to step in to provide support.


Compliance is always complicated in dealings with healthcare professionals and that’s before you add on competition law, privacy law and other regulatory regimes where non-compliance is not an option. Sometimes, despite best efforts, things happen. We can provide support with compliance investigations, review of your processes and policies to assess for gaps, and high energy and engaging training.


We support creative agencies and businesses providing Patient Support Programmes and similar services conclude contracts with large pharmaceutical & medical device companies, and place policies and procedures to meet the expectations of large multinational companies.

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